Daily Dose Of Cute: Kitten Practices Pouncing With Tablet Video Game [VIDEO]

Does your cat play video games? Well Bean, the kitten in the video above, is getting pretty good at playing a game on her mom’s tablet. The cute kitty is getting a lot of pouncing practice!

Bean isn’t too well-coordinated yet. She’s still just a kitten, after all. But she’s sharpening her natural hunting instincts, and she couldn’t look more adorable doing it! Share this video with someone who could use a smile today!

Fun games can give kitties like Bean a mental and physical challenge that keeps them stimulated. Preventing boredom can also reduce unwanted behaviors from cats who don’t have enough to do during the day.

Here are a few games you can play with your cat, even if you don’t have a tablet!

(Picture Credit: Karin Lindstrom/Getty Images)

Does your cat play tablet video games like Bean does in the video? What other games do you play with your cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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