Fur Laughs: Angry Kitty Sounds Just Like A Firetruck [VIDEO]

The cute cat seems to be a little peeved about something. Maybe it’s the microphone in their fuzzy face. And the feline is expressing that frustration with a hilarious, long meow that sounds like a perfect impression of a siren.

Commenters on the post have suggested the cat sounds like a firetruck, a tornado siren, or an air-raid horn. What do you think the kitty sounds like? Share this funny video with a friend who could use a smile today!

While we might have a pretty good idea of how this kitty is feeling, sometimes cats communicate in more subtle ways. But you can learn to speak cat and find out what your cat is telling you! Here are some tips on feline body language that will help.

(Picture Credit: Chayut Thanaponchoochoung / EyeEm/Getty Images)

Cats use almost every part of their bodies to “talk” to us if we know how to pay attention. By learning how to interpret your cat’s body language, you can know how their feeling, emotionally and physically!

What do you think the kitty in the video was trying to say? Does your cat ever “talk” to you with funny noises? Let us know in the comments below!

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