Daily Dose Of Cute: Kittens Wiggle Ears With Joy While Drinking Milk [VIDEO]

Those wiggly ears are enough to melt our hearts. If you listen to the video with the volume up, you can even hear some cute mews and meows from these sweet babies. They seem pretty happy to get their meal. Share this video with someone who could use warm, fuzzy feelings today!

Kittens are so cute that you might want to just pick them up as soon as you see them, but this isn’t always a good idea if you come across kittens in the wild. Do you know what to do if you find baby cats outside? Here are a few tips!

(Picture Credit: richgreentea/Getty Images)

“Kitten season,” as many people call it, lasts from about March to September in the United States, but that can vary depending on the region and climate. During this time, you may be more likely to come across kittens in the wild.

Do the cute kittens in the video warm your heart as much as they did to ours? Have you ever fed a kitten before? Let us know in the comments below!

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