Fur Laughs: Vet Says ‘Squish That Cat’ To Make Feline Friends [VIDEO]

The hilarious video is a supercut from a longer video by Veterinarian Dr. Uri Burstyn where he goes over some tips on how to pick up a cat like a pro. His best advice is to give the kitty a squish! Somehow, hearing it repeated over and over again makes it so much funnier.

Of course, there’s more to making friends with a cat than just putting the squeeze on them. Here are a few of our own tips on how to introduce yourself to a new feline.

(Picture Credit: Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images)

What’s the best way to do a “cat handshake” and make a great feline first impression? Here are some tips for introducing yourself to a cat properly.

Once you’ve done all that and make good friends with a cat, feel free to squish away.

Have you ever “squished” your cat like the vet in the video does? How does your cat like to be held? Let us know in the comments below!

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