Daily Dose Of Cute: Sleepy Cat Turns Dog’s Floppy Ear Into A Blanket [VIDEO]

Everyone loves a cosy nap, but few creatures have proved to be as proficient at the ancient art of sleeping as cats. We’ve all seen our kitties snoozing in sunbeams and nestling into cushy nooks on the couch, but the latest contender in the professional feline napping stakes has brought an innovative new cross-species twist to the field.

As captured on video and shared via TikTok, this tuckered out, little, grey-and-white kitty decides to repurpose one of the floppy ears of the household’s resident Beagle into a blanket. Nothing like being resourceful in your napping routine, right?

While the cat and dog stars of the viral video seem like best pals, it’s important to remember that there are a few considerations you should make if you’re contemplating adding canines to a feline household or vice versa. Read on for some helpful advice!

(Picture Credit: FamVeld/Getty Images)

For a more full, complete list of instructions, check out our article about introducing a new dog to your home and resident cat here!

Has your cat ever used your dog as a sleeping cushion? Do your pets get along as well as the cat and the dog in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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