Webbox’s Tips for Pet Owners as Mercury Rises

AS the UK braces for another heatwave, health warnings are being issued across the country.

The mercury is set to hit 35C and above, with level-three alerts in place across parts of England. But it isn’t just humans that can be impacted by the heat – it’s our furry friends too.

However, there’s a lot we can do to keep our furbabies cool as temperatures soar. Read on for Webbox’s top tips to keep your pets cool this summer.

  1. Protect their paws

Unlike humans, our four-legged friends don’t have the luxury of wearing flips flops or sandals when the temperature rises. As a result, pets’ paws can burn as the pavement heats under the sun’s rays. If you’re keen to take your dog out for a walk, go for a stroll early in the morning or later in the evening when the pavement is cooler. Not only will this minimise the risk of burnt paws, it reduces the chance of your pet suffering with sunburn or dehydration. If you’re unsure if it’s too hot, place your hand on the pavement for 5-10 seconds, if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws.

  1. Keep your canine cool

To keep your dog cool make sure they stay in the shade. A great way to keep your dog’s temperature down outside is to invest in a doggy paddling pool. If your dog isn’t playing ball, try splashing their paws and faces. You can also get cooling bandanas and vests which you dampen with cold water and they trap cold are around your pet, cooling mats are also a great summer accessory to give your pet a space to go to cool down. If you’re still worried your dog is too hot, keep your dog indoors and ensure they have fresh, clean water. You can also try freezing their favourite treat to help them cool down, such as Webbox’s Dog-e-Lix sachets.

  1. Keep your kitten chilled

Keeping your cat out of the sun can be a bit more of a challenge given their independent nature, but you should still try to keep your cat in the shade where possible. If this a little tricky, let your cat play outside early in the morning or late in the evening when the air and pavement is cooler. If possible, keep your cat indoors in a well-ventilated cool room with fresh water. If your cat likes to be outside, take a bowl of fresh, cool water to your cat and keep it in a shaded spot. And just like with your dog, you can freeze your cat’s favourite treat, such as Webbox’s Lick-e-Lix sachets, to give them a frozen treat while you enjoy your ice-cream.

  1. Sun cream isn’t just for humans

Just because they’re covered in fur, doesn’t mean our pet dogs and cats can’t suffer with sunburn. Sunburn in cats and dogs is most common on the bridge of the nose, ears and skin surrounding the lips. But it can affect all parts of your pet, especially if they have lighter coloured skin or a thinner coat. Don’t worry though, you can purchase sun cream specifically designed for your furry friends.

  1. Keep it fresh

A simple and easy way to keep your cat, dog or other furry pets cool in the summer heat is to ensure they are well groomed. You can do this by combing their coat and removing any loose hair to keep your pet cool. Not only does this reduce heatstroke in the fluffiest of pets, but helps to keep their coat healthy.


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