Tips for harness training your cat

Yes harness training your cat is possible! This step by step guide includes positive reinforcement. Grab supplies below!

Harness training cats includes desensitizing your cat to the harness.

Take baby steps to help your cat relate to the harness positively.

Use healthy treats during your training sessions!

▶️ Jericho’s first week of clicker training

▶️ Cat School harness training (watch and subscribe to her!!)

▶️ Healthy cat treats

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DISCLAIMER: You (and only you) are responsible for your cat. Nothing I say is medical advice. I earn a commission if you purchase through affiliate links below. No additional cost to you.

Cat School harness
The Cat Leash Walking Kit

Come with Me Kitty harness (chewy) (amazon)

Surfer Cat Mav (etsy)

Cat Walk Harness (etsy)

Cat backpack (their website, also sells harnesses) (amazon)

Healthy treats

NZ Natural green tripe (treats from this video) (chewy) (amazon)

Raw Paws Pet Food (use code CATICLES15 for 15% off)

Only Natural Pet
Natural Freeze-Dried Cat Treats



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⏰ Chapters:
0:00 How to harness train your cat
0:41 Cat School harness
0:57 Come with Me Kitty harness
1:20 Surfer Cat Mav harness
1:30 Cat Walk Harness
1:37 Healthy cat treats for harness training
1:50 Harness training your cat
2:39 Extra harness training tips

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