Combining Comedy & Cat Rescue

Nathan Kehn, better known as Nathan the Cat Lady on his social media accounts, may not play favorites with his four cats, but his half-a-million fans do.

“Princess was the original fan favorite because she was the first to go viral, but now Pickles is the new favorite because he’s snarky and grumpy,” Nathan says.

There’s also Ginger, known for her nurturing personality, and Annie, the shy one. Although, his cats are at times motivated by treats, he usually lets them take the lead on performing.

“Princess is kind of a nut,” he says. “I know her well enough to know that’s she’s going to jump. I make sure I’m in the path when that happens.”

Nathan combines his passions — acting, comedy and cats — to create skits, where both his and his cats’ personalities are showcased. And even though he has found the winning combination, it was unintentional. After he moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue an acting career, he was turned down because he didn’t have a large enough social media presence.

At the time same, in his personal life, he adopted his cats and started incorporating them into his videos. His following increased overnight, and he decided to “lean into it,” he says.

Since then, he’s gained sponsors and landed roles in Netflix, Hallmark and Lifetime movies. He also partners with cat rescuer Sterling “TrapKing” Davis @the_original_trapking to bring awareness to cat rescue and adoption. Now, the two are in discussions about a possible show.

He says, “It’s a nice mix of rescue and entertainment.”

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