Cat Health and Social Apps

Whether looking to stay constantly connected to family and friends, take care of financial transactions or figure out the day’s weather forecast, opening an app on your phone or tablet has become the default move. But did you know there are a range of cat-themed apps available to add to your repertoire? Check out these 10 essential feline-focused apps to download right now.


11pets is all about pet care. Designed to safely store your cat’s key personal information, the app can remind you when vaccinations are due, monitor your kitty’s vital stats and allow you to keep notes of any potential or ongoing medical conditions. A spin-off version titled 11pets: Adopt refines the interface for shelters and rescues looking for a one-stop portal to organize all their cat advocacy efforts.

Cat Scanner

Cat Scanner has a simple but lofty function: to identify the breed of a cat based on a photo of the feline. The app attempts to figure out mixed breeds and features breed-specific facts alongside each result. An option to take a photo of your own face and discover precisely what type of cat you truly resemble is also included — which is obviously the first thing you were going to do, right?

Cat Training

Cats can be wonderfully finicky and endearingly stubborn, but with a little gentle persuasion you can begin to modify errant behavior for the better. Cat Training targets situations such as litter box mishaps, cat carrier fear and the fabled midnight zoomies, and offers up practical training tips in a bid to enhance your domestic harmony.

Human-to-Cat Translator

Do you ever respond to your cat’s commentary by meowing back at them? Take your kitty communication up a notch with this audio analysis app that will attempt to translate your human voice into feline sounds. Translatorial accuracy might not be strictly guaranteed, but watching your cat react to your newly cat-filtered voice is a hoot.

Mochj Cat

Have you already exhausted the default cat emojis that your phone’s text messaging keyboard comes with? Elevate your communication game by charming friends with the 170 kawaii-styled animated kitty stickers that Mochj Cat delivers. Highlights include sushi cats, felines peeking out of a cardboard fort and tiny kitties keeping cozy wrapped up inside plush blankets.

Pet First Aid

Developed by the American Red Cross, Pet First Aid is a widely hailed app that provides step-by-step medical advice for a sizable range of unfortunate circumstances and issues. Explanatory photos and videos help guide the user through everyday and emergency situations alike, while a learning center allows you to buff up on 25 common pet problems.


Geared toward anxious and excitable kitties, RelaxMyCat broadcasts bespoke feline musical soundtracks that are designed to usher your kitty into the calm zone. Weaving environmental sounds into the sonic fabric of the songs, the app is organized so that you can search out specific situations to address, such as dealing with imminent thunderstorms or getting comfortable with grooming sessions.


Look beyond the dog-centric name — the Rover app is a handy way to find trusted cat sitters for those times when you’re out of town and need someone to pop by to tend to your kitty’s needs. The app’s ability to book an in-person meet-and-greet session ahead of confirming a gig helpfully allows your feline overlord to give her personal approval to her temporary food minion.


Naturally pitched as a way to find “the purrfect match,” Tabby is a cat-centric dating app that aims to bring together people who are all about a life that features felines. Individual profiles include the option of letting potential suitors know as much about your cat’s personality as your own.

Weather Kitty

Make bad weather days less depressing with this forecasting app that delivers the daily weather report via a roster of over 500 kitties. Sourcing climatic information from the Weather Channel, you can expect to see dispatches from a dinky kitten taking refuge in the safety of a cardboard box when a storm is on the horizon and a ginger tabby clad in sunglasses relaxing by the pool during sunbeam season.

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